Satisfy Your Coffee Craving & Save with These Sweet Deals

For a lot of people, the day doesn’t begin without one thing: a good cup of hot coffee.

For others, the word “coffee” conjures up images of something frothy, creamy, sweet or even frozen!

No matter how you prefer it served, there’s no denying this beverage (and flavoring … and scent…) is one of the most popular on the planet. And we’re no different than any other coffee lovers out there. From a peppermint mocha Frappuccino to an iced Americano or a classic old cuppa joe, coffee is more than a way to wake up in the morning. It’s part of the routine that runs our lives.

Luckily, down here on the Alabama Gulf coast, we’ve got lots of amazing options when it comes to coffee and everything that goes with it. One of the best places in the area to grab a hot cup of java — and a giant cinnamon roll! — is Buzzcatz Coffee & Sweets in Orange Beach. Known nationwide for their incredible pastries, and serving some amazing breakfast options, Buzzcatz also offers locally roasted coffee! Stop in some time for a true treat that is a hit with locals and visitors alike.

Looking for something frozen and frothy? Southern Grind serves specialty coffee in a wide variety of flavors combinations and presentations. Enjoy a latte on the pet-friendly patio alongside a cup of Southern Grind’s creamy gelato or a homemade sweet treat. Or choose something scrumptious off the eatery’s vegan-, vegetarian- and gluten-free-friendly menu.

For an authentic, down-home diner experience, Stop by Gulf Shores Diner, right off 59 as you head for the beach. This lovely little eatery offers familiar favorites, as well as some of the best hashbrowns in Alabama, and if you’re looking for a good, classic cup of coffee, nobody does it better.

Are you — gasp — not a coffee drinker? Never fear; we’ve got you covered, too. The Spice & Tea Exchange in Foley offers a vast variety of teas, from classic to flavored, for those seeking a more soothing drinking experience.

With all these incredible options, you’ll never need to miss a high-quality cup of coffee (or tea) while enjoying the beauty of the Gulf Coast! Now check out our other restaurant coupons to save on lunch, dinner and dessert!