Chute for the Skye Parasailing

27206 Safe Harbor Drive, Orange Beach
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  Chute for the Skye Parasailing is a well-known parasailing company located at 27206 Safe Harbor Drive, Orange Beach, Alabama. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting attraction.

Contact Information

You can reach out to Chute for the Skye Parasailing by calling (251) 979-2475 or sending an email to the provided address for inquiries and reservations.

Parasailing Experience

Chute for the Skye Parasailing offers exhilarating parasailing adventures in the Orange Beach area, providing participants with breathtaking views of the Alabama Gulf Coast. The experience allows guests to soar above the beautiful beaches and witness stunning sights, including dolphins, sea turtles, stingrays, tour boats, and the vibrant crowd of tourists below.


Additional Services

In addition to parasailing, the company also offers other services, such as relaxing dolphin cruises aboard The Southern Rose, pontoon or tritoon boat rentals at OB Watersports, and guided tours of Orange Beach’s coastal waterways, where guests can observe majestic Bottlenose Dolphins.

     Chute for the Skye Parasailing is a must-visit for those seeking unforgettable aerial experiences and opportunities to witness the natural beauty of the Orange Beach area from a unique perspective.


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