Blade Brothers EDC

25405 Perdido Beach Boulevard, Orange Beach
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    Blade Brothers EDC is your number one Gulf Coast source for everything with a blade and more! The company is dedicated to providing its customers the very best quality of knives and everyday carry items while placing a priority on exceptional customer service and outstanding knowledge about the products they sell. Blade Brothers EDC carries a complete catalog of knives and other items that can be ordered online or viewed in-store at their Orange Beach shop. Headed to a gun or knife show in the area? Look for lade Brothers EDC there! 

    “EDC” stands for “Every Day Carry,” or knives and tolls that are practical and can stand up to daily use. These knives are high-quality and functional, made in the perfect sizes for getting the a variety of jobs done while still being easy to carry in a pocket. Blade Brothers ECD stocks everyday carry items from the top brands, known for their quality, precision and strength, including Microtech, Kershaw, Ruike, Opinel, Rough Rider, CRKT, Kizer and more. They also carry Wicked Edge sharpeners, CRKT RMJ T-Hawks, and other must-have items.


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