Sushi, Seafood & Steak

25241 Perdido Beach Boulevard, Orange Beach
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 Stephi Cocktails & Cuisine in Orange Beach, Alabama, is a popular dining destination known for its diverse menu, including sushi, cocktails, and a vibrant social atmosphere.

Location and Ambiance

Located at 25241 Perdido Beach Blvd Unit 101, Orange Beach, Stephi Cocktails & Cuisine offers a vibrant and social dining atmosphere, making it a great place for friends and locals to gather and enjoy a meal or drinks.

Cuisine and Offerings

The restaurant is known for its diverse menu, featuring a variety of sushi options and handcrafted cocktails. The establishment has received positive feedback for its beautifully updated and clean space, creating an inviting environment for guests to dine, drink, and socialize.



Customer Reviews

Stephi Cocktails & Cuisine has garnered positive reviews, with customers praising the quality of the sushi, the inviting ambiance, and the attentive service. The restaurant has become a popular choice in Orange Beach, with many visitors and locals enjoying the dining and social experience it offers.

     In conclusion, Stephi Cocktails & Cuisine in Orange Beach, Alabama, is a well-regarded dining destination known for its diverse menu, including sushi and handcrafted cocktails, as well as its vibrant and social atmosphere. Whether you’re a fan of fresh and flavorful sushi or looking for a place to enjoy handcrafted cocktails with friends, Stephi Cocktails & Cuisine provides a welcoming and enjoyable dining experience for both locals and visitors.

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