Maggie's Bottle & Tail

25753 Canal Road, Orange Beach
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    Maggie’s Bottle & Tail is the place to go for unique and elegant gifts, jewelry and artwork. Located right across the street from Cosmo’s Restaurant & Bar, Maggie’s features merchandise for Gulf Coast beach lovers and dog lovers alike on a variety of souvenir and gift items such as hats, shirts, shot glasses, koozies and doggie bandanas. It’s the perfect place to stop and shop after a night enjoying good food and great company at Cosmo’s. Pick up something for your date, your family back home or even a little treat for yourself.

    Maggie’s also offers an extensive selection of wine and beer. Create your own six-pack of beer or take advantage of the store’s incredible bargains on high-quality wines. Reviewers list the staff as being “knowledgeable, courteous and honest,” and it has even been described as “by far the best bottle shop in Orange Beach.” Stop by to see what’s on offer at this unique boutique and go home with your favorite beverage plus a piece of local art or the coastal jewelry of your dreams.


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