Outer Limits VR

4700 Main Street N-101 , Orange Beach
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    Travel to other worlds and live the adventures of your dreams, right here on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama! Outer Limits VR takes you on an amazing, eye-opening journey into the world of virtual reality! Every ride is interactive and immersive, so you can leave the world behind and experience the thrilling excitement of a state-of-the-art, cutting edge virtual reality experience. All ages are welcome; anyone who meets the height and weight requirements can play one of Outer Limits fully immersive VR games.

    No reservations are required for small groups, and Outer Limits offers both single and multi-player game options.  Advance reservations are requested for those booking a party, group activity or special event, all of which can be easily accommodated at Outer Limits. Games available include Fantasy Runner, Tourist Trap, Rapid Forest, Ace Flying, Dhoom, Space Racer, Zombie Castle, Uncharted Murder House, Tro Moto Racing, The Hunter War and many more. Experience the thrills offered at Outer Limits VR, where the fun begins and never stops!


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