Fat Daddy's Arcade

24565 Perdido Beach Boulevard, Orange Beach
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     Fat Daddy’s Arcade is a vibrant and exciting entertainment hub located in the coastal town of Orange Beach, Alabama. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this arcade promises hours of family-friendly fun and nostalgia. Let’s dive into what makes Fat Daddy’s Arcade a must-visit destination:


A Plethora of Games

At Fat Daddy’s, you’ll find over 80 arcade games, ranging from classic favorites to cutting-edge interactive experiences. Whether you’re a fan of retro pinball machines or crave the adrenaline rush of action-packed shooters, there’s something for everyone. Some notable games include:


The Walking Dead: Step into the post-apocalyptic world and battle zombies.

Jurassic Park: Relive the dinosaur adventure on the big screen.

Fruit Ninja: Slice and dice virtual fruits with precision.

Terminator Salvation: Join the resistance against the machines.

E-Claw Prize Games

Test your skills at the E-Claw machines, where you can try your luck at grabbing plush toys, gadgets, and other prizes. Will you be the master of the claw?


Dueling Basketball Hoops

Challenge your friends or family to a friendly basketball shootout. Aim for the high score and claim victory!

Family Fun and Prizes

Fat Daddy’s offers various point cards for purchase, allowing you to play and win prizes. Here are some options:


55 Point Card: Kickstart the fun with this card and save $5.

115 Point Card: Ideal for families, this card ensures everyone gets in on the action.

250 Point Card: For serious gamers who want to maximize their playtime.


Points Across Locations

What’s even better? Points earned at Fat Daddy’s Arcade can be used at any of the Track and Fat Daddy’s Arcade locations. So whether you’re in Orange Beach, Destin, Myrtle Beach, or Pigeon Forge, your points stay with you!


     Whether you’re chasing high scores, collecting prizes, or simply enjoying the lively atmosphere, Fat Daddy’s Arcade is where memories are made. So grab your tokens, challenge your friends, and let the games begin!


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