Blue Sky Jet Ski Rentals

401 East Beach Boulevard, Gulf Shores (Next to Sea N’ Suds)
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The business specializes in providing jet ski rentals for visitors to enjoy the waters around Gulf Shores. Guests can rent premium jet skis and explore the area’s beautiful coastline and emerald waters.

Rental Options and Pricing
Blue Sky Jet Ski Rentals offers a variety of rental options, including single-rider and two-person jet skis. Pricing starts at $20 per person, with discounts available for larger groups. The rentals are available on a first-come, first-served basis during the peak summer season, typically from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Safety and Guidance

Safety is a top priority at Blue Sky Jet Ski Rentals. The experienced staff provides guidance and instructions to ensure that all guests can operate the jet skis safely and responsibly. Life jackets are required for all participants.

Nearby Attractions
In addition to the jet ski rentals, Blue Sky offers other water sports activities, such as parasailing and banana boat rides. Visitors to the area can also explore the beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife, and various outdoor activities that Gulf Shores has to offer.


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