Blue Sky Banana Boat Rides

401 East Beach Boulevard, Gulf Shores (Next to Sea N’ Suds)
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What is a Banana Boat Ride?
A banana boat ride is an exhilarating water activity where participants sit on a large, inflatable banana-shaped boat and are pulled behind a speedboat. This thrilling experience provides an adrenaline-filled adventure for visitors to the Gulf Shores area.

Services and Pricing
Blue Sky Banana Boat Rides offers these exciting banana boat rides to guests. Pricing starts at $20 per person, with discounts available for larger groups. The rides are available on a first-come, first-served basis during the peak summer season, typically from Memorial Day through Labor Day, with daily operations from 10 AM to 6 PM, weather permitting.

Safety and Precautions
Safety is a top priority at Blue Sky Banana Boat Rides. All participants are required to wear life jackets, and the experienced boat operators ensure that the rides are conducted in a safe and responsible manner. The business maintains a well-maintained fleet of boats to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for all guests.

Nearby Attractions
In addition to the banana boat rides, visitors to Blue Sky can explore the beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife, and various water sports and outdoor activities that Gulf Shores has to offer. The area also boasts a variety of local dining and shopping options, making Blue Sky Banana Boat Rides the perfect addition to a day of fun in the sun.