Yabba's Wacky Snack Shack

Foley: 251.943.1977, 100 West Laurel Avenue Menu
Gulf Shores: 251.948.3146, 301 Gulf Shores Parkway Menu
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    Yabba’s Wacky Snack Shack is a whimsical and playful one-stop-shop for all your lunch and sweet-treat needs. Created to provide a “truly unique candy store experience for the entire family,” the store is a candyland dream-come-true that more than lives up to its founders’ visions.

    From the moment you walk into Yabba’s, you know you’re somewhere special. Allow your inner child free rein as you take in row after row of candy and ice cream. Looking for something a little more filling? Yabba’s offers a full food menu alongside milkshakes, sundaes and flavored popcorn.

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