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Somethin' Sassy

101 I South OWA Blvd. | Foley
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Unforgettable Shopping Experience


     Somethin’ Sassy is a part of the Sassy Bass brand, located at 101 I South OWA Blvd in Foley, Alabama. It offers a unique shopping experience, allowing visitors to explore a variety of items and products. After shopping, visitors are encouraged to stop by the adjacent Amazin’ Grill for a memorable dining experience, adding to the overall appeal of the location.
Sassy Bass Brand and Unique Offerings
Somethin’ Sassy is part of the Sassy Bass brand, which includes various businesses offering different menus and dining experiences. For example, the Sassy Bass Island Grill at Plantation resort offers island flavors such as a grouper Reuben. If you’re looking for a boutique grocery experience, the Sassy Bass Marketplace offers wine, spirits, fresh-caught seafood, and hand-cut steaks. The brand is known for its diverse offerings and unique experiences, making it a popular destination for both locals and visitors.

     In conclusion, Somethin’ Sassy at Sassy Bass in Foley, Alabama, offers a unique shopping experience as part of the Sassy Bass brand. With its diverse offerings and the adjacent Amazin’ Grill, it provides a memorable and enjoyable destination for both shopping and dining.

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