Chocolate Corner & Ice Cream

200 W Fort Morgan Rd | Gulf Shores, AL
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A Sweet Haven in Gulf Shores

Delicious Homemade Treats

Chocolate Corner & Ice Cream, located at 200 W Fort Morgan Rd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542, is a renowned chocolate and ice cream shop in Gulf Shores. The shop offers a delectable array of homemade chocolate treats, including fudges, truffles, and dipped treats, alongside a variety of ice cream flavors, making it a top destination for those with a sweet tooth.

Mouthwatering Menu

The shop’s menu features an incredible selection of chocolates, fudges, dipped treats, ice creams, and coffee drinks. Visitors can indulge in creamy fudge cups, gourmet truffles, and a wide range of homemade chocolates, providing a diverse and delightful experience for chocolate and ice cream enthusiasts.

Online Shopping

Chocolate Corner & Ice Cream also offers online shopping for its delectable treats, allowing customers to conveniently purchase their favorite chocolates, fudges, and ice cream from the comfort of their homes. This feature makes it easy for both locals and visitors to enjoy the shop’s delightful offerings, even after they’ve left Gulf Shores.

Contact Information

For inquiries and orders, Chocolate Corner & Ice Cream can be reached at (251) 948-2462 or via email at [email protected]. The shop’s friendly staff is readily available to assist customers and provide information about its delicious treats.

     In conclusion, Chocolate Corner & Ice Cream in Gulf Shores, Alabama, is a must-visit destination for those seeking a delightful array of homemade chocolates, fudges, and ice cream. With its mouthwatering menu and online shopping options, the shop provides a convenient and enjoyable experience for both locals and visitors with a penchant for sweet indulgences.


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