Aquila Seafood

17309 River Road, Bon Secour
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    Aquila Seafood Market is Bon Secour’s seafood course, where locals head for the freshest seafood right out of the water. Family owned and operated since 1971, Aquila never sells imported shrimp, offering a wide selection of the finest bounty of the Gulf. Aquila’s seafood is always fresh off the boat, but the seafood market is also happy to reserve special orders.

    Head to Aquila to get a feast’s worth of “the crown jewel of the Gulf” –  sweet and succulent Royal Red shrimp. There buttery-smooth local delicacies are beast cooked as fresh as possible, and Aquila has you covered. Looking for something heartier? The seafood market has a variety of items, from fish to lobster, that are of the highest quality.


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