Sea Paws Dog Resort

4193 Plash Road, Gulf Shores
19450 Keller Road, Foley 
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Locations and Contact Information
Sea Paws Dog Resort operates two facilities in the Gulf Shores area. The Gulf Shores location is situated at 4193 Plash Rd, Gulf Shores, AL 36542, while the Foley facility is located at 19450 Keller Rd, Foley, AL 36535. Both locations can be reached at 1-251-200-1808.
Services and Amenities
Sea Paws Dog Resort offers a unique approach to traditional daycare and boarding. The resort provides individual lodging, which is indoor and climate-controlled, ensuring the comfort and well-being of the canine guests. The facility also conducts daily monitoring and wellness checks, and provides comfy bedding and bowls for the dogs. One of the distinctive features of the resort is that it offers full days of outside time with group play, providing the dogs with ample opportunities for exercise and socialization.

Group Play Dog Boarding and Daycare
The resort’s services include group play dog boarding and dog daycare. This setup allows the dogs to engage in social activities and play with other dogs, promoting both physical activity and socialization. The group play option is available at both the Gulf Shores and Foley locations, offering a comprehensive and engaging experience for the canine guests.
     In conclusion, Sea Paws Dog Resort in the Gulf Shores and Foley areas provides a premier retreat for dogs, offering individual lodging, group play options, and a unique approach to traditional daycare and boarding. With a focus on comfort, safety, and socialization, the resort ensures that canine guests have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience during their stay.