Marco's Pizza

160 Cotton Creek Drive, Gulf Shores
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    Marco’s Pizza is a popular counter-serve chain in Gulf Shores, Alabama, offering a variety of specialty and custom pizzas for takeout or delivery. The restaurant is known for its fresh dough and quality ingredients, providing a primo pizza experience to its customers.


At Marco’s Pizza, customers can build their own pizza or choose from a selection of specialty pizzas. The menu includes options such as All Meat, Deluxe, Garden, Hawaiian Chicken, Pepperoni Magnifico, and White Cheezy Bacon. The pizzas are made with the restaurant’s original sauce, signature three cheeses, and a choice of crust styles, offering a range of flavors to suit different preferences.

Customer Reviews

On Tripadvisor, Marco’s Pizza in Gulf Shores has received positive feedback, with a rating of 4 out of 5 stars based on 69 reviews. Customers have appreciated the quality of the pizzas and the overall dining experience.

Additional Information

  • The restaurant offers curbside pickup at select locations.
  • For more details, customers can visit the official website or contact the restaurant directly.

     With its convenient location, diverse menu, and positive customer reviews, Marco’s Pizza is a popular choice for pizza lovers in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Whether for a quick bite or a family meal, the restaurant’s offerings cater to a range of preferences and dietary needs.

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