Xit Escape Room

3800 Gulf Shores Parkway, Gulf Shores
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    Escape rooms are like living out your favorite video game or suspense novel in real life. Can you find the final clue? Can you make it out of the insane asylum and get away from its demented psychiatrist? Is the serial killer INSIDE THE HOUSE? Xit Escape room in Gulf Shores lets you and your friends live out your nightmares and turn them into your own upbeat adventure story! With four rooms of varying difficulties, Xit has a room to suit every taste.

    You can even try your hand at the local-themed Tale of Two Forts! Get trapped in a room that simulated historically important Fort Morgan, an 1800s fort right here on our coast! The fort is under attack. Can you and your fellow soldiers find a way to reach Fort Morgan’s sister fort, Fort Gaines, across the bay on Dauphin Island? Even if you make it across, you’ll still need to find a way out of the fort to succeed!


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