Soldier's Creek Golf Club

28341 Preserve Trail, Elberta
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    A visit to the gorgeous Alabama Gulf Coast offers so many options for getting outdoors and experiencing the majestic beauty of the natural world. One of the best ways to full appreciate the living wonders of this area is to get in a game of golf during your stay. The Preserve on Soldier’s Creek offers 18 superior holes of golf and makes its way through rolling hills, lakes and nature trails to provide a relaxing, engaging activity for golfers of all ages.

    Perfect for players of all skill levels, Soldier’s Creek prides itself on providing an incredible experience and exceptional playability with the assistance of friendly and knowledgeable staff. Reviewers describe the course as having “perfect fairways” and an “overall challenging” layout. This “hidden gem” of a course is perfect for a day trip, an afternoon round with friends or forming the highlight of your Gulf Coast vacation!

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