Shrimpy's Grill & Golf

204 East 2nd Avenue, Gulf Shores, AL
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Exciting Mini Golf Experience
Shrimpy’s Grill & Golf offers a newly renovated 18-hole mini golf course, making it a hidden gem on the Alabama Gulf Coast. The Fishing Village-themed course provides an entertaining and family-friendly environment for visitors to enjoy a round or two of putt-putt golf.
Delicious Seafood and More
In addition to the mini-golf course, Shrimpy’s Grill & Golf features a colorful arcade and an adjacent seafood eatery. The establishment offers a full menu, including a variety of dishes such as flatbreads, crab cakes, and a selection of seafood options. This makes it an ideal destination for families and groups looking to combine a fun activity with a satisfying dining experience.


Convenient Location and Contact Information
Shrimpy’s Grill & Golf is conveniently located at 204 E 2nd Ave, Gulf Shores, AL 36542. For inquiries and additional information, the establishment can be reached by phone at 251-948-6464. The venue is open daily from 11 am until late, providing ample opportunity for visitors to enjoy the mini-golf course and the delicious menu offerings.
      In conclusion, Shrimpy’s Grill & Golf in Gulf Shores, Alabama, offers a delightful and fun-filled experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a round of mini golf, explore the colorful arcade, or savor a delicious seafood meal, Shrimpy’s provides a well-rounded and entertaining destination for families and groups.

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