The Spice Tea Exchange

200 N. OWA Blvd, Foley
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In 2008, The Spice & Tea Exchange® was established with the goal of developing a distinctive retail shopping experience. The business has more than 60 franchise locations across the country where it serves customers with more than 140 spices, 85 hand-mixed mixes that are only available from the business, plus more than 30 unique teas, naturally flavored sugars, salts from across the world, gourmet gifts, accessories and more!


Whether for creating something amazing at home in the kitchen or for brewing tea while you’re on the road, The Spice & Tea Exchange® has a large assortment of tools and blends that suit every occasion. You will be engulfed in a sensory extravaganza as soon as you enter the store. We strive to provide an  authentic experience inspired by the sights, sounds, and ambiance of an old-world spice bazaar.

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