Murder Creek Distillery

102-A N OWA Blvd., Foley
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Family-operated Murder Creek Distillery is proud to now offer its unique twist on moonshine at OWA in Foley, Alabama! Described as “sparkling like a creek’s waters and smoother than a calm Gulf wave,” all batches of Murder Creek Moonshine are distilled, bottled and labeled on site and taste like a Southern summer in the sunshine (with a real kick!). Named for the creek where Revolutionary War Colonel Kirkland’s party was ambushed and robbed of the silver in their pockets (and their lives), this unique spirit is the creation of two Murder Creek locals and two “beach bums”.



Murder Creek Moonshine is produced in small batches and filtered multiple times through charcoal and a specially created pour bed to remove impurities. The resulting product is a smooth 80 proof when bottled directly, or 40 proof when blended with incredible, rich flavors like Alabama Apple Pie and Peach Cobbler. Drink them straight or blend them into incredible cocktails, like watermelon margaritas (using Murder Creek Watermelon Moonshine, of course!), blueberry lemonade or even chocolate-covered cherry. Or mix some Murder Creek Dixie Honey into iced tea for a true taste of the South.


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