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City of Foley, Alabama

407 E Laurel Ave, Foley, AL 36535
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     Foley, Alabama, is a vibrant city in Baldwin County, known for its community development, recreational facilities, and recent infrastructure projects. Here’s an overview of the latest news and developments in the city.

Community Milestones

The city of Foley has been making significant strides in various aspects of community development. Recent milestones include:

Shelter and Library Plans: The American Red Cross opened a shelter at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church to provide assistance during severe conditions. Additionally, the city is planning a new library and a $5.5 million facility to shelter first-responders, demonstrating a commitment to the well-being of its residents.

Parks and Recreation: Foley is enhancing its recreational offerings, with plans for a new park in the Mills community and the development of sports facilities, such as enhanced batting cages and new lights, showcasing a focus on providing quality leisure amenities.

Government Leadership: The city has seen changes in its government leadership, including the appointment of a new executive director of general government and administration, Cian Caldwell Harrison, bringing fresh leadership to the city’s administration.

Law Enforcement and Legal Matters

In recent years, Foley has also been in the news for law enforcement and legal issues, including:

Arrests and Convictions: Incidents such as the arrest of an individual in connection with a shooting death and past arrests for serious offenses have been reported, reflecting the ongoing efforts to maintain public safety and address criminal activities within the city.

Local Business and Establishments

Foley is home to various local businesses and establishments, including dining venues like Sassy Bass. The city’s diverse commercial landscape contributes to its appeal as a destination for residents and visitors alike.

     In summary, Foley, Alabama, continues to evolve with a focus on community well-being, infrastructure development, and public safety. The city’s commitment to growth and progress is evident through its various initiatives and ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of life for its residents.


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