707 S. McKenzie St.
Foley, AL
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    Zaxby’s is a popular fast-casual restaurant chain known for its delicious chicken fingers, wings, and signature sauces. The Foley, Alabama location offers a welcoming atmosphere and a diverse menu that caters to a wide range of tastes.


Menu Variety:
At Zaxby’s in Foley, Alabama, customers can enjoy a variety of options ranging from classic chicken finger platters to flavorful salads and sandwiches. The menu features customizable meals with a choice of Zax Sauce, Tongue Torch, Wimpy, Nuclear, Insane, or other signature sauces. Additionally, guests can indulge in crispy wings tossed in their preferred sauce or opt for a hearty Zalad for a lighter option.

Signature Sauces:
One of the highlights of dining at Zaxby’s is the array of signature sauces available to enhance the flavor of your meal. From the tangy Zax Sauce to the fiery Insane sauce, each sauce offers a unique taste experience that complements the perfectly cooked chicken. Customers can mix and match sauces to create their own flavor combinations or stick to their tried-and-true favorites.


Family-Friendly Environment:

Zaxby’s in Foley, Alabama prides itself on providing a family-friendly environment where guests of all ages can enjoy a satisfying meal together. The restaurant’s casual setting and attentive staff make it an ideal spot for family outings, group gatherings, or even solo dining experiences.

Community Involvement:
Beyond serving delicious food, Zaxby’s in Foley, Alabama actively engages with the local community through various initiatives and partnerships. Whether it’s sponsoring local events, supporting charitable causes, or participating in community outreach programs, the restaurant demonstrates a commitment to giving back and being a positive force in the area.

Zaxby’s Restaurant in Foley, Alabama offers more than just great food; it provides a welcoming atmosphere, diverse menu options, signature sauces that tantalize the taste buds, and a commitment to community involvement. Whether you’re craving classic chicken fingers or looking to try something new and exciting, Zaxby’s is sure to satisfy your appetite while creating memorable dining experiences for you and your loved ones.